Seasons of Change

The Seasons of Change continue to unfold in each of our lives and for our world collectively.

We are approaching the time that some refer to the “Lions Gate” in early August which is a precursor to the Fall Equinox in September. The light energies always seem to find a new “peak wave” during these special times although, the energies over the past year feel to have been a continuous wave of increasing intensity.

The energies of light are abundant upon the planet now for those who wish to receive. Our world continues to be bathed in the higher light showering down upon us from Celestial events and Sacred Heart expression. The journey and experiences over the coming months may shift many into new ways of being.

The increases of higher light of/on/in our world are creating changes on many levels. One key guidance that has been clearly felt is the need to bless the Star Blossoms Alliance transmissions and let them go as a service that has been completed.

In alignment with this guidance, we are being led to wrap-up the Star Blossoms Alliance monthly transmissions with a final transmission occurring on Monday September 2nd, 2019.

We encourage people to continue their personal work by calling upon their Angels and setting intentions to receive the abundance of light which serves their highest and greatest good.

We wish everyone health, wellness, abundance & well-being on their continued journey through life experiences.

Many Blessings,

Star Blossoms Alliance