The Star Blossoms Alliance transmission sessions provide a unique opportunity for recipients to experience personal transformation at multiple levels during the session and in the days following the session.

The transmissions provide an opportunity for each recipient to experience increased energetic balance within themselves and within their daily life experiences. The transmissions also provide the opportunity for each recipient to accept an increase of higher frequency natural energies into their experience. Each of these aspects supports an opportunity for greater joy, well being and synchronicity to flow into ones daily life.

The amount of change and transformation that each recipient experiences is directly correlated to the recipients desire to experience the change or personal transformation. The Star Blossoms Alliance transmission provides an opportunity for change however, it is the free will choices of each recipient that directly affect the outcomes and personal transformations actually experienced.

During personal transformation experiences, it is possible to experience symptoms of release in order to achieve the more positive life outcomes. The symptoms of such releases may include emotions, tears, cold/flu symptoms or something quite personal.

In all situations, it is important to take enough rest, drink enough water and remain centered and at peace while focusing on the positive outcomes desired. Spending time in nature, meditating and/or surrounding yourself in joyful/loving experiences is recommended and will assist with moving through the symptoms of release to the desired positive outcomes.

Star Blossoms Alliance cordially invites everyone that is interested to sign up and receive ‘high frequency energy’ as scheduled on the Events page.

The transmission is facilitated by a coherent, experienced group of ‘High Frequency Transmitters’ with a background in various Energy Techniques, each utilizing their own personal modalities.

For insights on our Team, you may read the Transmitter Bio’s page.

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Insights people share about their experience..

Last night’s experience was beautiful, really healing; especially noted in my views with family relationships. It was very loving! Then during the dream state, I was in a magical place (where I had been before in my dreams) with mountains, structures, art, waterfalls and a community of strong, powerful and loving warriors. Thank you.

I felt a lot of heat in my hands when I was doing the meditation and woke up today with great tranquility.

I need to talk about my experiences from last week; since I didn’t do it before. In the past meditation during the entire time, I felt an intense heat in my hands! ( I do have some problems with my hands and didn’t realize that the energy was helping me with them!) Last night, I was calm at first; but then I became very restless and noticed I wasn’t breathing as normal. I know all is perfect; but it is a bit surprising and unsettling! Thank you.

Thanks for the experience! Today, I feel a tranquility and a very nice peacefulness. Yesterday at the time of the meditation, I felt a warmth as if I were near a hot object…was very nice.

Thank you! I experienced something Divine! Thousands of beings …

Actually, I did not meditate. I had just entered the group and I began to feel a warm energy, when I realized the difference in my time zone. It had already started! Very grateful.

Good Day~I felt a heat that ran all over my body and I saw amber light that later became bright white light. I saw women around my body and faces with closed eyes. It was comforting and I felt at peace. Thanks!

Thank you, I want to share my experience. At some point during the transmission I felt a kind of cramp, sort of a sting inserted right next to the thumb, like a strong twinge, I felt the energy entering my leg deeply rising up to my hip, while my leg began to vibrate without pain intensely, I felt a comforting well-being and stayed still feeling the moment, very attentive. The energy discharge was clear afterwards I could rest quietly. Thank you.

Good Day, the previous days, it had been difficult for me to sleep and last night, honestly without any expectation I went to bed, I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Today, I woke up still sleepy; but with a better mood. Thank you.

Hala ken, I’m sharing information I got during the meditation. I do not know much about these things; but the name of Archangel Gabreil and the number 28 and other things I can not remember. I only slept for a short time.

I have hip pain. Is this normal?

Good day!…Meditating, sitting with the spine very straight, the beginning I had pain between 2 teeth…and clearly the pain moved from the gum a few millimeters and kept decreasing to a very tolerable state. I do not know what time it disappeared. Then I saw a person and I felt warm. I asked for his forgiveness and I forgave him. There was a lot of peace. Thank you. In the end, I was asleep. Namaste!

Thank you very much!!! My energy flow was wonderful!!!

Good Morning!! I started with a warmth in my whole body, later I felt the sensation as if it detached me from my body and I saw myself submerged in a very bright light. This gave me a peace; but at times situations came to my mind that I went through, to one that again returned that peace and that feeling of detachment. This was constant all the time.I also felt pain in the lower part of my spine. The truth, I slept very calmly to one who woke up with migraine; which until now continues; but less intensity and I finally woke up with my eyes as if I had cried all night. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I didn’t get much sleep…

I felt the energy energizing my arms and legs. Within 15 minutes, I was deeply asleep and woke up very happy!!!

Good Morning, I share with you ….I felt a subtle warmth that started in my hands and It was moving through the body. It felt very comfortable and I fell asleep and had many interesting dreams. Today, I woke up very relaxed, grateful and blessed for this healing. (praying hands)

My experience was feeling a change in temperature of my body. I felt that I was letting go of my body; dreaming and my wife said I was talking during the meditation, but I do not remember doing that. I woke up very tranquil…as wonderful.

I felt a lot of heat on my back and it felt like my head was boiling an hour before I started the meditation. After half an hour, the right knee and the fingers on my left hand had heat. I also experienced some insomnia; but I feel good. Thanks.

Thank You very much! I feel so much better today. (praying hands & hearts)

My grateful heart for the received Divine energy, perceived as Light and heat…thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have a headache this morning. Is this part of the process?

Thank you very much, as I am very grateful. Last night I felt the energy penetrating my entire body (and my Being). A rich comforting heat. I slept very few hours and I feel very well today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are privileged to be receiving this blessed energy that is shared with us. Infinite Gratitude & Love.

I loved this! Thank you very much. (bunch of hearts)

Thanks! Last night was an experience of relaxation and peace. I felt tired and heavy…I woke up very well after an excellent rest.,

Excellent…feel very well! Thank you.

Good Day!…I worked with releasing a toxic relationship. Little by little. he left last night. The situation was dissapating . Today, I feel and am free. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Good Morning! I was deeply asleep until I woke up without any pain in my neck, shoulder or arm that I have had for months. Its like a miracle. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.