Monday Star Light Transmission

Date(s) - Oct 07, 2018
10:00 pm CDT - 11:00 pm CDT


Star Blossoms Alliance cordially invites everyone that is interested to sign up for this Star Light Transmission event and receive ‘high frequency energy’.

The Star Blossoms Alliance transmission sessions provide a unique opportunity for recipients to experience personal transformation at multiple levels during the session and in the days following the session.

The transmissions provide an opportunity for each recipient to experience increased energetic balance within themselves and within their daily life experiences. The transmissions also provide the opportunity for each recipient to accept an increase of higher frequency natural energies into their experience. Each of these aspects supports an opportunity for greater joy, well being and synchronicity to flow into ones daily life.

The amount of change and transformation that each recipient experiences is directly correlated to the recipients desire to experience the change or personal transformation. The Star Blossoms Alliance transmission provides an opportunity for change however, it is the free will choices of each recipient that directly affect the outcomes and personal transformations actually experienced.

The transmission is facilitated by a coherent, experienced group of ‘High Frequency Transmitters’ with a background in various Energy Techniques, each utilizing their own personal modalities.

You may read about our team on the Transmitter Bio’s page.

In the days following an event, it is possible to experience symptoms of release in order to open a pathway for the desired life changes. The symptoms of such releases may include emotions, tears, cold/flu symptoms or something quite personal.

In all situations, it is important to take enough rest, drink enough water and remain centered and at peace while focusing on the positive outcomes desired. Spending time in nature, meditating and/or surrounding yourself in joyful/loving experiences is recommended and will assist with moving through the symptoms of release to the desired outcomes.

You may read about the experiences and insights that other people have shared from previous events in Testimonials.

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