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Thanks for the experience! Today, I feel a tranquility and a very nice peacefulness. Yesterday at the time of the meditation, I felt a warmth as if I were near a hot object…was very nice.

Thank you very much, as I am very grateful. Last night I felt the energy penetrating my entire body (and my Being). A rich comforting heat. I slept very few hours and I feel very well today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My grateful heart for the received Divine energy, perceived as Light and heat…thank you, thank you, thank you.

I felt a lot of heat in my hands when I was doing the meditation and woke up today with great tranquility.

Last night’s experience was beautiful, really healing; especially noted in my views with family relationships. It was very loving! Then during the dream state, I was in a magical place (where I had been before in my dreams) with mountains, structures, art, waterfalls and a community of strong, powerful and loving warriors. Thank you.

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How the Star Blossoms Alliance name unfolded..

Star Blossoms are those who feel an intuitive connection to the stars and the cosmic creation which encompasses and embraces our world. Star Blossoms Alliance members are a group of dedicated, service oriented individuals on the path of self realization; who have blossomed and grown through their own internal healing. They now stand ready in their maturity to function as fully activated and operational ‘Star Blossoms’ to assist others in their personal spiritual growth and core healing process.

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Welcome to our new Star Blossoms Alliance website!

  Welcome to our new Star Blossoms Alliance website! We’re…



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