Debora Johnson is a natural born intuitive and Energy Medicine Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the arts of healing. She specializes in ‘inner core clearings’ to greatly accelerate the process of Divine Self emergence and physical healing. She uses skills in energy transmutation to clear your subtle energy bodies, its emotionally based blueprint and entire auric field hologram.

This focus naturally opens pathways of expanded consciousness perception, raising one’s vibrations, restoration of the original 12 Strand DNA Human Divine Blueprint and ultimately activating Divinity Codes.

Debora’s approach is one of extreme simplicity, transferring high frequency energy with love and compassion at the core of her transmissions.

You may connect with Debora through her website Body In Balance

Leslie Ann Moore has been working with Crystals and Sacred Fire in aligning the individual’s 4 body system for about 20 years. She aligns the mental, emotional, etheric and physical body into a centered harmonious whole. This helps align the I Am Presence and Higher Mental Body to the Self, where the heart is activated and opened and Inner Guidance can easily be accessed.

She works together with the Angelic League of Light and Ascended Elemental Realms in helping the Hu man remember its Divine Human Origins. Along with the Elohim and the Directors of the Elements she can open the 5 Elemental Vortices that have been long dormant in the human.

She also works with the Sun and the high photonic activity that is immersing the Planet. She helps with the transducing of its Light Rays and its Power on Individuals.

Leslie is a Planetary Server. She serves beloved Gaia and its inhabitants with the Power of the Light Rays of Sacred Fire. This is her Privilege and her Honor.

She happily works with individuals on Skype. She can be reached at

With a professional background as chemical engineer, Pascal Cote has a strong interest for both actual and traditional sciences. He is passionate for new awakening technologies of consciousness, light portals and free energy. With an atypical, rich and diversified path, Pascal is committed to spiritual practices, with the will for supporting enlightened communities and planetary ascension/awakening.

De formation professionnelle d’ingénieur chimiste, Pascal Cote a un intérêt marqué pour les sciences actuelles et traditionnelles. Il est passionné par les nouvelles technologies d’éveil de la conscience, les portails de lumière et l’énergie libre. Avec un parcours atypique, riche et diversifié, Pascal est très engagé dans sa démarche spirituelle, dans une volonté de soutenir les communautés éveillées et l’ascension planétaire.

Carmina Leal Martinez is an activist convinced of the process of evolutionary change in which we are as Humanity. Her priority is to bring together those who have answers with those who seek information, knowledge, healing, encounters, travel inside the soul and our beautiful planet.

By understanding that each person is a unique individual, her intention is to illuminate the different routes available along the way, to discover our Higher Self that is always there, within each one of us!

Carmina brings together curious people with the leading teachers in the growing field of consciousness expansion, creating the Centro del Sol community.

She works tirelessly to raise her own consciousness and frequency, gathering information and knowledge, expanding innovative ideas and increasing access to enlightening teachings. Increasing the critical mass, raising the frequency of conscious for people on the planet, using new technologies.

Carmina feels that together, we can clear boundaries and unite people, despite the distances and limits of language. Along with her organizational services, she also offers promotion on her website and social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Carmina has a specialty in building online communities as every day, our global society becomes more dependent on online platforms and she feels it is important to devote the necessary time to effectively convey the teachings and promote the events to the right audience.

She invites you to connect with her to bring additional teachings and services to the Spanish speaking community in the wonderful lands of Spain and Latin America.

You may connect with Carmina through her website Center of the Sun

Ron Klausing shares a humble, Soul based service with those that are open to receive. His services are built on a foundation of unconditional forgiveness and combined with the Lovelight of creation to enable energetic re-balancing plus Soul healing on multiple levels.

He has significant experience in transforming stale or heavy energies into brighter and more cheerful energies for both individuals plus physical locations or buildings & structures. He serves a dual role by offering his services to individuals and those aspects of their daily lives where energetic assistance has been requested in addition to working at a planetary collective and higher level perspective.

His view of our world (or planetary collective) includes the living planetary body plus all the related life forms (people, animals, trees, plants, etc), recognizing the connected nature or ONEness of our world. Ron works together with the Angels, Archangels and other aspects of the Loving Creator to bring forth those energetic transformations and blessings that serve the highest and greatest good to the health, wellness, ascension & well-being of our world.

You may connect with Ron through his website Golden Heart Solutions

Plus those others from our Star Blossoms Alliance Family who have chosen to share their personal modalities through these transmissions as a service to others.